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Testing Crossposting

Originally published at The Codex Arcanus. Please leave any comments there.

Testing… testing… if this all goes well this single post will go to Facebook, MySpace and Livejournal at once.

Here is hoping.

This blog is officially closed.

Yeah I know people are jumping ship because of the great Livejournal Scare of 2008. But that is not why I am switching. I get a free blog with my website, which has tons of customizable features and I don't have to pay extra for it like I would here.

So thanks for visiting this blog. Time to pack up and move on over to a new place:


See you there.

Byron is home

Byron came home last night. He seems to be responding just fine to the meds, which the Vet was very happy about. He seems in good spirits, he is eating and drinking. The drug they are giving him has one large side effect that is very present, it is called ataxia. Basically his hind legs are out of balance with his front end. So he can get moving pretty well, but if he tries to turn its like watching a stumbling drunk.

He's been sleeping a good bit which they said would probably happen. But I can tell he is a little more balanced today. They start with a loader dose of the drug which is pretty high so as the next couple weeks go by he should pretty well adjust. With luck he will be back to his normal dork self soon.


Byron morning update

He has responded well to the seizure medication and appears to be doing fine, but a bit sluggish. I asked could they tell since he is a basset? If he gets any slower he will begin to progress backwards through time.

More news as we get it.

Lord Byron... the basset not the author

I woke this morning to what sounded like Byron having what we call "puppy dreams" where he kicks and shakes and runs his feet. I looked to the end of the bed and his back was arched with his legs sticking straight out. His eyes were open but not focused and he had spittle all along his mouth. I have known about dog seizures for a long time since one of our relatives had a dog that had them, so I had no doubt what this was.

That is a scary thing to wake up to, and Weasel moved him away from the bed frame so he had open room and wouldn't smack into anything while I went to check on what to do during a dog seizure. Turns out the same things you do for humans you do for dogs. Slide them to an open area where they cannot hurt themselves. DO NOT stick your hand in their mouth, and just it ride out. It only lasted for maybe 2 minutes. But I don't say it often but those two minutes seemed to last an eternity.

We called the vet and she said to watch him and if he had another one to bring him in. I went to work and Weasel went to go help wrangle our friends munchkins. When we got home Byron greeted us at the door and we thought everything had been fine but we found a large wet spot and a smaller wet spot about 18 inches away. Positioned where he would drool and urinate like he did with the other seizure. He had been acting a bit sluggish and clumsy and whining a lot more than usual. So we took him to the vet hospital.

We went to http://www.lvses.com/ the Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services and they are wonderful. The staff was super friendly, very knowledgeable and upfront and honest about everything. The vet explained everything very well and let us know the possible diagnoses, tests and treatments.

They ran some tests and his bloodwork came back great, he has no heart worms or anything like that so those are some good news. The bad news is it could simply be he is developing seizures with age. There are other worse possibilites like cancer or brain tumor as well.

They are going to keep him overnight, start him on some anti-seizure medication and see how he reacts. If he takes the treatment well he will be back home tomorrow. If not then we will have to talk about what to do next.

I am going to hope that he will be ok. Tonight though I say a little prayer for him and ask that whomever is the god or goddess of whiny, dorky dogs please look out for him.

Since I haven't posted enough pictures of my dogs on the web here is one more.

Captain Tightpants Pron

For those who love Captain Tightpants!

Nailing Your Wife

**This video shamelessly stolen from WolfWitch. Thanks for finding it hehe.

Totally stolen from a friend...

Gogol Bordello

Gypsy Punk for the win!

Darkness oh the darkness

So half of Louisville is without power. We seem to be part of that crowd. I am currently posting from a late-nighter at work.

We are doing fine. Going to half to cook a lot of stuff from the freezer if the power doesn't come back on in the last couple days but otherwise Ok. Funny thing is Weasel and I trimmed the trees a few weeks back since there was a lot of stuff we figured would come down in Winter. So almost no limbs down in our yard just some leaves. The neighborhood is a bit rough looking.

Well take care all. I need to finish up then head home and get some sleep.